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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what? now cats are over-sensitive about everything? great, #EndOfTheFuckingWorldForSure cause #CatsGiveZeroFucks



how to follow the prime directive, by leonard h. mccoy, md


I love this scene




Penn and Teller on Vaccinations - Video





"If it wasn’t for net neutrality, he’d have robot legs by now." — Verizon, basically

5 Bullshit Lies Cable Companies Are Feeding You Right Now

#5. “Disabled People Need Us to Kill Net Neutrality!”

According to [Verizon], the blind, the deaf, and other people with disabilities need faster Internet because of their particular needs, and what’s the easiest way to make sure they get it? Yes, giving greedy companies the ability to decide which sites can go fast and which ones will slow to a crawl, obviously. … This argument about protecting the rights of the disabled surprised a lot of people … including the disabled. Mark Perriello, the president and CEO of the American Association of People with Disabilities (and someone who is partially blind), told Mother Jones that he’d never heard about the idea that he was somehow getting fucked over by the free Internet. He also said it was rather “convenient” that the best way to help disabled people is to let cable companies earn enough money to become Game of Thrones-powered supervillains.

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::shakes head::

Net neutrality it’s not being talked about nearly enough. It empowers private companies to make decisions on your behalf; to prioritize your web surfing; to decide and assign a value to things you want to look at, read about, investigate, shop for, etc etc etc.

Get informed, get inspired and get ready to fight for your rights. -k


Pearl Jam - Setting Forth / Rearviewmirror - Leeds First Direct Arena 8th July 2014

Ten classes in 22 days - that’s not very impressive. 50% would be 11 classes, but I was just so, so, so beat last week… if I had gone to that third class, I’d be at 50%, which averages out to a workout every other day. AND, if I want to really hold myself to high standards, I should remember I skipped a night of Crossfit to go to Spin because I genuinely missed that community of folks. 

So, if I’m gonna get all technical on this shit, then I’m still at 50% workouts for the month of July. Not bad considering I think I moved from the couch twice in February. 

Not quite good enough, either. Onho. I am on class two of week four and HOLYFUCK I’m fucking beat to hell. One of the women said during one of my first visits that it does not actually get any easier, that it really just keeps getting harder and harder and she could never have said anything more true and pure and honest than that statement right there. 

Mmhmm, srsly, wtmf?

Things about Crossfit Breed, Ridgewood, Queens, NY (Not New Fuckin’ Jersey) I love;

- Not a god damn mirror in sight. 

- Genuinely kind, supportive and friendly people (those who own and run it as well as other people I believe are members (like me, without family or  prior connection). 

- Well organized, well thought out, a ton of fuckin’ fun in spite of how challenging the workouts can be.

- I feel so motivated!! And supported!!!! I have always wanted to work with a personal trainer, but most of the ones I met were just not interested at all in what they were doing and what I was doing… strange, but true… I love this small group training set up. It’s PERFECT. I get the personal attention, but there’s a lot of space and time for us to work on our own (allow me to clarify, that does not mean ‘alone’, with minimal guidance - those folks are pros, they always have an eye on us; so far they haven’t let me cheat myself). It doesn’t stop there, either, because everyone that goes there has a story they like to share so to inspire newcomers. People are very encouraging and it does seem like a nice group. Even today, I was struggling, my arms were shaking, I was on my very last set of 15 pushups and the entire room was cheering me on and counting down to my very last pushup. It was really cool and I couldn’t hide my joy.

- I never feel stupid or dumb or like I should know better or by now. I just keep going and take each workout day by day. I just give zero fucks if I look really silly or for doing things all wrong because that’s part of my learning process. Laughing helps me get thru some of those moments when I start asking myself why I let myself get this way to begin with? Had I not done this or gone there or been that, I wouldn’t have gained the weight started drinking been depressed went for broke. I’m there to tear down and flush all the shit in my life, starting with my body and to rebuild a strong foundation. It’s all a learning process. It’s a class. It’s a practice. It’s a meditation. It’s a day in the life. I will get past a lot of the blocks I have right now (the weird mental/physical block with my hips is rather comparable to writer’s block [or creative block of your choice]), keep in mind all the feedback, research, filter, practice, repeat, enjoy - yea, I think I’m going to be just fine given how great a start. 

Change takes time and I am not in a rush for anything, there are no finish lines to chase down, nothing urgent in my life - I’m finally stable (HOLYFUCKWHA?!YEA?COOL!) - looking forward to growing, seeing my progress and feeling really connected with myself again. 



Strawberry Creme Truffles with only 5 ingredients:

For the filling:
For the chocolate:

have fun!

Wow!! Simple! Fresh! Looks delicious!! I will have to try this sometime!! - k

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<3 - k

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Don’t let the beauty of what was written for children be lost on those who cannot fully grasp it.

One of my favorite books. I should reread it soon, now that I think about it.

My friend Em have me this book for my bday a few years back and it was one of the best bday gifts ever. -k


I loudly and proudly declare that I too, like big books and cannot lie. #bigbooks #sexy

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