chaos is my ruling planet

when the sun is down we'll shake & rattle our bodies

Oldie, but very much a goodie from my college daze (here, it’s graduated by then, but was still working on campus for EF Int). Me, Mon & Jools. -k


Oh, Canada! 17 national parks that give this beautiful nation reason to boast

Shaping me travel plans for next year, some great ideas right here!


Life motto

Summer Weekends in Queens -k


Here is the poster for my new short film Ving Rhames!

If you’re in Minneapolis makes sure to get tickets for the premiere at the Minneapolis St. Paul Intl. Film Festival on April 12th. 

More screenings to follow!

perfection, k


I think Shannon Coffey would like this pic a lot. :)

*snoooopy daaaance * * * k*


YouTube Spotlight: Shannon Coffey - Random Ass Girly Channel

Find a comfy couch and start your morning right with some good ol’ Coffey.

This Brooklyn-based babe provides helpful tips and tons of laughs on her weekly vlog, the “Random Ass Girly Channel.” (13K subscribers)

AYE!!!! -k


You can now watch my short film VING RHAMES online! Grab some Cheetos and enjoy with a friend.


Coincidence? We’ll see, Taylor-chan.

looooove, -k