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#LocalLens: Interacting with the Natural Landscapes around Sydney

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. To see more photos of Sydney’s diverse natural landscapes, follow @twistdee on Instagram.

“What I love about Sydney is the beautiful coastlines and ocean mixed in with funky urban settings,” says Instagrammer Denise Kwong (@twistdee) for this month’s edition of #LocalLens.

While Sydney’s signature skylines and urban cityscape offer picturesque big-city moments, the scenes that Denise especially likes to share on Instagram feature the spectacular nature surrounding the coastal city. Some of Denise’s favorite places to explore and shoot include rock fishing at Maroubra Beach, seaside swimming at Mahon Pool, the rocky shorelines of Turimetta Beach and the high peaks and cliffs of the Blue Mountains.

Denise takes a minimalist approach when shooting and often gets her friends to interact with the landscape in interesting ways. “The formation and positioning of that cloud allowed me to try something creative, so I got my friend to pose for me,” reflects Denise as she explains about a photo taken at Flat Rocks in the Blue Mountains. “I am forever inspired by different photographers and artists, and thus my style is always evolving.”

Aussie, on my bucket list -k

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